5 Reason Snapchat Is The Best App Ever!!!

Unlike Twitter and Instagram it was so hard for me to get on the Snapchat bandwagon.  I was one of those “why do you have snapchat,” “what does it do,” people and threw shade to anyone to who mentioned the seemingly stupid app to me. NOW, I am a like a snapchat Goddess!!!  I will say it was kind of hard for me to understand how the thingamajig worked, but once I got the ball rolling? I love love love love it!

Reasons why:

1.It’s private: IKR, coming from me, the person who puts mostly everything on social media.  It is kinda cool to have a private app with mostly friends and people I choose to let in.  It’s just way too late to have a private Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page, I’ve already let everyone in! lol

2. You can see who viewed your posts: unlike any other social media platform, Snapchat lets you see who watched your video or photo.  How annoying is it to post this amazing photo and get half the likes you thought you would get?  But you KNOW that tons of people probably saw the picture and just decided not to like! #Petty Well with Snapchat it will tell you exactly who watched your videos and photos, how cool is it for your crush to see that super cute selfie you just uploaded with your makeup on Fleek?? hashtag #Winning!

3. You can see who screen shot’s you: so just like you and your friends, me and my girls screen shot photos when there is a funny post, or something that you need to look into, maybe to get your boyfriend together? Who knows! BUT with Snapchat you may not want to do that.  It sends the person a little icon to let them know that you screen shot them.  SO if you were on their page JUST to stalk them, they know.. you’re caught… and now you risk them deleting you and won’t be able to send your friends incriminating information you gathered anymore. Not worth it, just take mental photos lol.  This also goes for screen shots in Direct Messages. It learned the hard way.

4. You can post any time of the day and not have to worry about views or comments: this is probably  the coolest feature because when you post on Instagram your best foot needs to be forward, I’m talking the caption, the filter, time of the day all have to be on one accord before you press send.  With Snapchat you can post whenever, and since it stores on your timeline, they eventually have to see the video if they watch your entire timeline.  For some reason, I don’t mind posting me just at home on my couch, or a series of videos from Katy Perry and Missy Elliot’s performance at the Superbowl, or a silent video… with the camera aimed at the radio in the car, with the music blasting.  Stuff I would not waste time posting on my Instagram or Twitter.  Snapchat watches those videos, they accept you, and they like them.  It’s so awesome!

5. You can still save the videos and pictures you post: I love this because on New Years Eve fr example, for some reason all I posted was photos on Snapchat, nothing anywhere else.  It’s just quick and easy and uploads right away.  I woke up the next morning and I was like OMG I literally didn’t put any of my bomb photos or videos I took last night on IG or FB.  Well I went right to my Snapchat TL and saved them all to my phone and VIOLA!!

Bottom line is… Snapchat is the coolest app ever, it’s free and you should get the app and follow me!!! “RealDemiLobo’



So, I Just Had The BEST Birthday Of My Life! Party Recap [Video]

It’s so funny because I am usually never so excited about my birthday as I was this year.  I don’t know if it was a new found appreciation for life, and making every count.  Or if it was just something about this year that I decided to go hard for my birthday. So, it started with the idea of me wanting to have a birthday party.  Last year I had a private family dinner, then following was the party party at a very small location.  I liked that set up so I wanted to do the same thing this year, just at a different location.  So I settled on a party location, got a flyer made and it was sooooo much fun!
All of my close friends and family came out and partied with me, it was a magical night!!! But I still wanted to have a family dinner so I scheduled that for another day, and had some of the people who could not make my birthday party, come and celebrate with me!!

Check out my birthday party recap video below:

DemiLobo.com | Acrylic RUINED My Nails!!!! My Rebuilding Journey To Healthy Nails

Okay, so I have been wearing false nails since the beginning of time.  And I would like to disclaimer this video with ( I am not saying that will never wear false nails again… but my nails are in such terrible shape that I will not be wearing them for a very long time!!!)

So like I said I am that person who, never really took care of my nails like I should have.  Kind of like hair weave, you know, you know that you have hair and nails when you take it off, so you just keep going right?   Well, I am always on the move, so I would take the first appointment at the nearest nail shop to get my nails done.  I am so mad I did not take better care of my nails.  Because even though wearing acrylic nails look really awesome.  I was not giving my nails a break, and I was not doing whatever weird stuff you’re supposed to do to your cuticles, or applying nail hardener etc etc etc.

So it wasn’t until the other day when I thought I was going to break my nail (with false nails on) and the nail bent in half but did not break.  My nail was like rubber it just bent backwards and came back to place.  THAT my friends is not okay.  Number one, I haven’t broken a nail in forever, but I would prefer for the nail to snap, just to let me know I have healthy nails.  But when it folds and does not break….. Houston we have a problem.

So I took my false nails off and my nails were a flimsy hot mess!  I had to start alllll the way from scratch.  I’m talking shaving them down to where the skin starts.  I went and bought nail hardener, applied 3 coats, polish, and a top coat.  Now I actually kind of like it simply because I can text and type soooo much faster lol.  But I feel terrible I let my nails get this bad.

My Rebuilding Journey

They say gel is a little bit better than the acrylic, but I was at this mixer yesterday and they said that anything other than natural is not REALLY going to keep your nails healthy.  There used to be these pills for hair, nails, and skin that I think I want to try.  But since I have currently using Hairfinity it would be kinda overkill.  Buttt anyway,  I am so mad because I use to have the longest, prettiest, healthy nails, and now they are so brittle.  The great thing is I talked to these natural nails specialists at CocaBrownSpa and they told me for two weeks to soak my nails in Olive Oil everyday between 5-10 minutes.  And along with the nail hardener that will help my nails get their strength back!  I also use Cutex Nail Polish remover which helps nourish and sregnthen your nails as well.

I am going to do this and check back in with you guys in about a month, and hopefully you try it too and we can get our nails back in shape.

If you know any other way to help me build stronger nails again, pleaseeee comment below!!!

Thanks, xoxo Demi 🙂

DemiLobo.com | My Six Sephora Everyday Musthaves!!!!

Foundation: Makeup Forever HD 


So I used to go hard for MAC, and I still love MAC products!  Like when I have my hair blonde I get this stuff that tints my brows blonde…awesome sauce.  Anywho I was not a Sephora girl, the day I found my new favorite foundation.  I was with my best friend at the Water Town, downtown Chicago.  She was raving about how amazing this new foundation was, that she discovered.  Since we were passing a Sephora store and she had it on from a previous Sephora store, I was like OMG I need to try this.. Her skin looked sooooo smooth and it just laid beautifully on her skin.  It seemed so rich and creamy, and that was what I was lacking in my other foundation.  I have dry skin, so dry makeup wasn’t working. I was in awe when I got this foundation and I haven’t looked back since then.


Brows: Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade



I love love loveeee this stuff.  I was using a different kind of brow mousse.  But let me tell you, this is like incredible.  What I like the most about this is how creamy it is.  And IF you happen to leave the top off, it won’t dry up.  So when you put it on using a clean angle brush, your brows looks creamy and like 3D. Anastasia has lots of different colors for brows of any shade.

Highlight: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector

You can use this magical cream on days that you just want to give your face a little shimmer and you’re not really feeling foundation.  Or it works even better then you’re going full face.  I was getting my makeup done one day and I kept saying that I wanted “I want my face to look wet.”  She told me it’s called “Dewey” which totally makes sense.  Since I have not totally mastered the whole concealer under the eyes/highlight thing, I just found what I can do to give the area under my eyes a highlight and my cheeks a “wet look.” The combined with some cheek bronzer? Yep Beautz!


Brush Cleaner: Sephora Brand Makeup Brush Cleaner

It was so random how I stumbled on this.  I don’t even want to tell you how, and what I was using to clean my brushes before.  I don’t know if there is a big difference that brush cleaners can do… BUT I can tell you, it’s super cheap, but very effective!

Eyes/Shadow: Naked 3 Palette by Urban Decay

I went in Sephora, and I wanted something that would give me perfect colors for “everyday smokey eye.”  So not a lot of black and dark colors. some pinky, neutral colors.  I wanted depth to my eyes, but I wanted neautral colors where people can look at my eyes and it not be a distraction.   What I like is that it has some darker colors like ‘Blackheart’ and ‘Darkside’ from a smokey eye, and even the light color ‘Strange’ for a brow bone highlight.  I literally have this on every day I decide to do any eye makeup, unless I am going for something different.


Eye Liner: Sephora: Crayon jumbo 12hour Wear

So first off, I HAVE to have a thick eyeliner under my eyes, it’s a must.  I feel like my face is bare without thick black under eyeliner.  I was using this regular eyeliner that was not waterproof, and when I sweat, or when my allergies make my eyes water it would smear everywhere.  And who… has.. time… for THAT!?  So when I discovered this jumbo eyeliner, where I can just do under my eye once, and get the look? Then it is waterproof so I have no smear issues.  This stuff is bomb.com.  I have the black, purple, and I am working on that blue color.

Now these are not all of the products that I get from Sephora, just a few!!!





DemiLobo.com | Should I Get Plastic Surgery To Fix My Broken Nose??

For those who don’t know when I was a sophomore in high school, one day a few friends, and myself where walking outside for a late night ice cream run. All was dandy, we got our ice cream from Nicky’s on Western yep, I think it was Black Walnut mmmmm.

Anyway, so we are heading back home and, SN: it’s so crazy how your life can change for ever in an instant… ANNNNYYwayyyy We live in Beverly so there are tons of hills and I’m in front of us all almost half way down. Then BAM one of my friends “accidentally” *side eye* throws a brick from the ground, in the air and it hits me right in my nose! It was blood everywhere. I learned that blood streams the most when it’s coming from your face/head. So to be perfectly honest I didn’t feel it, like I wasn’t in pain, I was just mortified at all of the blood that spewed out from between my eyes!!! The bad part is it was after 11pm and the CVS near by was closed, well they opened up for me to go in the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and I was just in tears and remember saying “I look like Freddy Krugar” it was hands down THEE most tragic moment of my life at the point.

So my mom comes and.. She.. Is.. PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSEEDDDDDD! She thought it was too late to go get the dog on ice cream, in the first place and let me up against her better judgement. Now here I am with my septum (middle bone in the nose) halfway into my right nostril, two black eyes, a chipped tooth and you can see halfway into my face because the skin is totally gone. I mean it was like a scene from a horror movie CRAZY!

Still in no pain we rush to the hospital, and I get stitches to close up the skin and I go home. And I had to wear a huge bandage on my nose for weeks. Not to mention I played basketball so that was pretty embarrassing and I was nervous anytime a ball was thrown my way!

But now it’s what 10 ten years since that happened and I don’t really have too much of an issue breathing, of course one nostril gets air better than the other. Makeup covers it up pretty well. But when I look in the mirror it’s literally all I see, the hump on the side and mark reminding me of how my nose was split in half. And I’m a pretty confident person but I get so self conscious when the flash is too bright on a picture too close! OMG!!! Lately I’ve been watching this show on E! I believe called “Botched” and they show you exactly how the nose gets fixed and how some doctors have totally screwed up some nose jobs and I’m just like “should I just live with a hump and disfigured nose forever or get it fixed?”

It truly goes to show you that everyone is fighting a battle you don’t know about. I’m sure people have said “what’s wrong with her nose?” Not knowing how tragic of an experience it was. So moral if the story …. Be nice!!! And think God for great makeup!! Lol

What do you guys think though, should I leave it alone?

Ps it took so much to share this story!

How I Decided On Stage Name ‘Demi Lobo’

When I first started in the industry in 2009, I was transferring from EIU to Columbia College.  I had just gotten my radio show in Chicago on WCRX-FM on the campus of Columbia College. This was a super big deal to me.  So it only made sense to have a really cool “radio name” you know.  Some kind of Radio Mami, or Rookie of Radio, I played around with all kinds of names.

One day I called my mom to see if she could brainstorm with me on Radio taglines, for my show next week.  It was like as if all of my time spent deciding on names was pointless.  Once my mom finished listening to my rant, and I went down my list of top favorites.  She simply said, “I have the name!!!”  You have no idea how excited I was, because this was my mom’s forte, she is great at me throwing her options, and suggestions, and my thoughts, and she would hop in with THE idea.

So as I waited on the edge of my seat for my new radio show name, she said ‘You’re going to go with your REAL name.”  Major side eye.  You mean to tell me I waited all this time, for you tel me my new radio name and you say that? There was no Facbeook or Instagram at the time but I was on the way to changing my Myspace name and status!!  I was totally on my way to being the hottest college radio personality, so I need a hot name, and I was so let down.  Well let me go back, my real name is “Demi Lobo.” You knew that already right?  Well I thought my last name Lobo was so weird, like who’s last name is Lobo??  But I do so many things, my mom who is also my manager thought it would not be good on the branding side to have multiple names just one.

Turns out she was so right.  Mom gave me a superstar name, and Demi Lobo happens to work!


How The Movie “Chef” Motivated Me To Do Everything BUT Cook

Today I saw the movie “Chef,” it was a really great movie.  You know what I really liked? I liked the fact that (spolier alert) it wasn’t a tear jerker.  Sometimes I just want to see a solid film, and not have to mess up my eyeliner to do so.  I saw very little of the trailer before I saw the movie, but I just had a feeling that it would be good.

Now the movie was about a Chef, and though it was some pretty tasty looking food, it didn’t really inspire me to go and make magic in the kitchen.  It did however motivate me in many other ways.

(Another potential spoiler) the film is heavily based on social media, and transforms a guy who has no idea what “a twitter” is into him Twitter beefing with a well know food critic.  Though I keep my social media pages pretty clean from Twitter beefs, it really showed the importance of feeling something, and keeping it to your self versus wearing your heart on your sleeves, and feeling like you have to have the last word.

I also was very inspired because the Chef loses everything after this twitter beef goes viral.  While people in our day and age would totally take advantage of some of the opportunities thrown his way like a Reality Show.  He declined the offers and stuck to his plan which was to be happy as a Chef.  He was working under a boss who did not believe in his vision, which is detrimental to your future and stress level.  In this very dark place, after he lost everything, he was shown rebuilding his empire, and working for himself as an entrepreneur.

For me, it was inspiring to see how happy it can be to work for yourself, and how rewarding it was to follow your dreams.  I don’t want to be a cook, but I am motivated in so many other ways.

Check out the trailer below: