5 Reason Snapchat Is The Best App Ever!!!

Unlike Twitter and Instagram it was so hard for me to get on the Snapchat bandwagon.  I was one of those “why do you have snapchat,” “what does it do,” people and threw shade to anyone to who mentioned the seemingly stupid app to me. NOW, I am a like a snapchat Goddess!!!  I will say it was kind of hard for me to understand how the thingamajig worked, but once I got the ball rolling? I love love love love it!

Reasons why:

1.It’s private: IKR, coming from me, the person who puts mostly everything on social media.  It is kinda cool to have a private app with mostly friends and people I choose to let in.  It’s just way too late to have a private Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page, I’ve already let everyone in! lol

2. You can see who viewed your posts: unlike any other social media platform, Snapchat lets you see who watched your video or photo.  How annoying is it to post this amazing photo and get half the likes you thought you would get?  But you KNOW that tons of people probably saw the picture and just decided not to like! #Petty Well with Snapchat it will tell you exactly who watched your videos and photos, how cool is it for your crush to see that super cute selfie you just uploaded with your makeup on Fleek?? hashtag #Winning!

3. You can see who screen shot’s you: so just like you and your friends, me and my girls screen shot photos when there is a funny post, or something that you need to look into, maybe to get your boyfriend together? Who knows! BUT with Snapchat you may not want to do that.  It sends the person a little icon to let them know that you screen shot them.  SO if you were on their page JUST to stalk them, they know.. you’re caught… and now you risk them deleting you and won’t be able to send your friends incriminating information you gathered anymore. Not worth it, just take mental photos lol.  This also goes for screen shots in Direct Messages. It learned the hard way.

4. You can post any time of the day and not have to worry about views or comments: this is probably  the coolest feature because when you post on Instagram your best foot needs to be forward, I’m talking the caption, the filter, time of the day all have to be on one accord before you press send.  With Snapchat you can post whenever, and since it stores on your timeline, they eventually have to see the video if they watch your entire timeline.  For some reason, I don’t mind posting me just at home on my couch, or a series of videos from Katy Perry and Missy Elliot’s performance at the Superbowl, or a silent video… with the camera aimed at the radio in the car, with the music blasting.  Stuff I would not waste time posting on my Instagram or Twitter.  Snapchat watches those videos, they accept you, and they like them.  It’s so awesome!

5. You can still save the videos and pictures you post: I love this because on New Years Eve fr example, for some reason all I posted was photos on Snapchat, nothing anywhere else.  It’s just quick and easy and uploads right away.  I woke up the next morning and I was like OMG I literally didn’t put any of my bomb photos or videos I took last night on IG or FB.  Well I went right to my Snapchat TL and saved them all to my phone and VIOLA!!

Bottom line is… Snapchat is the coolest app ever, it’s free and you should get the app and follow me!!! “RealDemiLobo’



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