So, I Just Had The BEST Birthday Of My Life! Party Recap [Video]

It’s so funny because I am usually never so excited about my birthday as I was this year.  I don’t know if it was a new found appreciation for life, and making every count.  Or if it was just something about this year that I decided to go hard for my birthday. So, it started with the idea of me wanting to have a birthday party.  Last year I had a private family dinner, then following was the party party at a very small location.  I liked that set up so I wanted to do the same thing this year, just at a different location.  So I settled on a party location, got a flyer made and it was sooooo much fun!
All of my close friends and family came out and partied with me, it was a magical night!!! But I still wanted to have a family dinner so I scheduled that for another day, and had some of the people who could not make my birthday party, come and celebrate with me!!

Check out my birthday party recap video below:


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