| Acrylic RUINED My Nails!!!! My Rebuilding Journey To Healthy Nails

Okay, so I have been wearing false nails since the beginning of time.  And I would like to disclaimer this video with ( I am not saying that will never wear false nails again… but my nails are in such terrible shape that I will not be wearing them for a very long time!!!)

So like I said I am that person who, never really took care of my nails like I should have.  Kind of like hair weave, you know, you know that you have hair and nails when you take it off, so you just keep going right?   Well, I am always on the move, so I would take the first appointment at the nearest nail shop to get my nails done.  I am so mad I did not take better care of my nails.  Because even though wearing acrylic nails look really awesome.  I was not giving my nails a break, and I was not doing whatever weird stuff you’re supposed to do to your cuticles, or applying nail hardener etc etc etc.

So it wasn’t until the other day when I thought I was going to break my nail (with false nails on) and the nail bent in half but did not break.  My nail was like rubber it just bent backwards and came back to place.  THAT my friends is not okay.  Number one, I haven’t broken a nail in forever, but I would prefer for the nail to snap, just to let me know I have healthy nails.  But when it folds and does not break….. Houston we have a problem.

So I took my false nails off and my nails were a flimsy hot mess!  I had to start alllll the way from scratch.  I’m talking shaving them down to where the skin starts.  I went and bought nail hardener, applied 3 coats, polish, and a top coat.  Now I actually kind of like it simply because I can text and type soooo much faster lol.  But I feel terrible I let my nails get this bad.

My Rebuilding Journey

They say gel is a little bit better than the acrylic, but I was at this mixer yesterday and they said that anything other than natural is not REALLY going to keep your nails healthy.  There used to be these pills for hair, nails, and skin that I think I want to try.  But since I have currently using Hairfinity it would be kinda overkill.  Buttt anyway,  I am so mad because I use to have the longest, prettiest, healthy nails, and now they are so brittle.  The great thing is I talked to these natural nails specialists at CocaBrownSpa and they told me for two weeks to soak my nails in Olive Oil everyday between 5-10 minutes.  And along with the nail hardener that will help my nails get their strength back!  I also use Cutex Nail Polish remover which helps nourish and sregnthen your nails as well.

I am going to do this and check back in with you guys in about a month, and hopefully you try it too and we can get our nails back in shape.

If you know any other way to help me build stronger nails again, pleaseeee comment below!!!

Thanks, xoxo Demi 🙂


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