| My Six Sephora Everyday Musthaves!!!!

Foundation: Makeup Forever HD 


So I used to go hard for MAC, and I still love MAC products!  Like when I have my hair blonde I get this stuff that tints my brows blonde…awesome sauce.  Anywho I was not a Sephora girl, the day I found my new favorite foundation.  I was with my best friend at the Water Town, downtown Chicago.  She was raving about how amazing this new foundation was, that she discovered.  Since we were passing a Sephora store and she had it on from a previous Sephora store, I was like OMG I need to try this.. Her skin looked sooooo smooth and it just laid beautifully on her skin.  It seemed so rich and creamy, and that was what I was lacking in my other foundation.  I have dry skin, so dry makeup wasn’t working. I was in awe when I got this foundation and I haven’t looked back since then.


Brows: Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade



I love love loveeee this stuff.  I was using a different kind of brow mousse.  But let me tell you, this is like incredible.  What I like the most about this is how creamy it is.  And IF you happen to leave the top off, it won’t dry up.  So when you put it on using a clean angle brush, your brows looks creamy and like 3D. Anastasia has lots of different colors for brows of any shade.

Highlight: Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector

You can use this magical cream on days that you just want to give your face a little shimmer and you’re not really feeling foundation.  Or it works even better then you’re going full face.  I was getting my makeup done one day and I kept saying that I wanted “I want my face to look wet.”  She told me it’s called “Dewey” which totally makes sense.  Since I have not totally mastered the whole concealer under the eyes/highlight thing, I just found what I can do to give the area under my eyes a highlight and my cheeks a “wet look.” The combined with some cheek bronzer? Yep Beautz!


Brush Cleaner: Sephora Brand Makeup Brush Cleaner

It was so random how I stumbled on this.  I don’t even want to tell you how, and what I was using to clean my brushes before.  I don’t know if there is a big difference that brush cleaners can do… BUT I can tell you, it’s super cheap, but very effective!

Eyes/Shadow: Naked 3 Palette by Urban Decay

I went in Sephora, and I wanted something that would give me perfect colors for “everyday smokey eye.”  So not a lot of black and dark colors. some pinky, neutral colors.  I wanted depth to my eyes, but I wanted neautral colors where people can look at my eyes and it not be a distraction.   What I like is that it has some darker colors like ‘Blackheart’ and ‘Darkside’ from a smokey eye, and even the light color ‘Strange’ for a brow bone highlight.  I literally have this on every day I decide to do any eye makeup, unless I am going for something different.


Eye Liner: Sephora: Crayon jumbo 12hour Wear

So first off, I HAVE to have a thick eyeliner under my eyes, it’s a must.  I feel like my face is bare without thick black under eyeliner.  I was using this regular eyeliner that was not waterproof, and when I sweat, or when my allergies make my eyes water it would smear everywhere.  And who… has.. time… for THAT!?  So when I discovered this jumbo eyeliner, where I can just do under my eye once, and get the look? Then it is waterproof so I have no smear issues.  This stuff is  I have the black, purple, and I am working on that blue color.

Now these are not all of the products that I get from Sephora, just a few!!!






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