| Should I Get Plastic Surgery To Fix My Broken Nose??

For those who don’t know when I was a sophomore in high school, one day a few friends, and myself where walking outside for a late night ice cream run. All was dandy, we got our ice cream from Nicky’s on Western yep, I think it was Black Walnut mmmmm.

Anyway, so we are heading back home and, SN: it’s so crazy how your life can change for ever in an instant… ANNNNYYwayyyy We live in Beverly so there are tons of hills and I’m in front of us all almost half way down. Then BAM one of my friends “accidentally” *side eye* throws a brick from the ground, in the air and it hits me right in my nose! It was blood everywhere. I learned that blood streams the most when it’s coming from your face/head. So to be perfectly honest I didn’t feel it, like I wasn’t in pain, I was just mortified at all of the blood that spewed out from between my eyes!!! The bad part is it was after 11pm and the CVS near by was closed, well they opened up for me to go in the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and I was just in tears and remember saying “I look like Freddy Krugar” it was hands down THEE most tragic moment of my life at the point.

So my mom comes and.. She.. Is.. PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSEEDDDDDD! She thought it was too late to go get the dog on ice cream, in the first place and let me up against her better judgement. Now here I am with my septum (middle bone in the nose) halfway into my right nostril, two black eyes, a chipped tooth and you can see halfway into my face because the skin is totally gone. I mean it was like a scene from a horror movie CRAZY!

Still in no pain we rush to the hospital, and I get stitches to close up the skin and I go home. And I had to wear a huge bandage on my nose for weeks. Not to mention I played basketball so that was pretty embarrassing and I was nervous anytime a ball was thrown my way!

But now it’s what 10 ten years since that happened and I don’t really have too much of an issue breathing, of course one nostril gets air better than the other. Makeup covers it up pretty well. But when I look in the mirror it’s literally all I see, the hump on the side and mark reminding me of how my nose was split in half. And I’m a pretty confident person but I get so self conscious when the flash is too bright on a picture too close! OMG!!! Lately I’ve been watching this show on E! I believe called “Botched” and they show you exactly how the nose gets fixed and how some doctors have totally screwed up some nose jobs and I’m just like “should I just live with a hump and disfigured nose forever or get it fixed?”

It truly goes to show you that everyone is fighting a battle you don’t know about. I’m sure people have said “what’s wrong with her nose?” Not knowing how tragic of an experience it was. So moral if the story …. Be nice!!! And think God for great makeup!! Lol

What do you guys think though, should I leave it alone?

Ps it took so much to share this story!


4 thoughts on “ | Should I Get Plastic Surgery To Fix My Broken Nose??

  1. Interesting story and sorry that happened to you. To answer your question yes you should get plastic surgery only if it will help you breath right. But I it’s not don’t get it. You’re a beautiful young woman and your broken noise wasn’t even noticeable until you made this post. I thought it was a birthmark. That scar make you unique and set you apart from most women. I think it’s cute Lol. But at the end of the day your body your money. Regardless of what you do or don’t do I think you will still be beautiful Demi. Thanks for sharing your story though. You rock.

  2. That’s for sharing what was a very traumatic experience for you. Unless you truly have a hard time breathing I believe you should leave it. We all have battle scars and yours if it is ever noticed is an opportunity to share with others that life happens to all of us and we can successfully overcome both our insecurities and the emphasis placed on superficial beauty. I honestly never noticed it in any if your pictures and I kmow your success comes from the way you carry yourself more than how you look in pictures. Don’t get me wrong I’ve always thought you are beautiful. It’s just not the only thing about you that resonates with me as a fellow Chicagoan.

  3. First, thanks for having the confidence to share your story and open yourself up like this! It’s really going to help someone else overcome their own insecurities. With that said, I absolutely noticed the scar BUT it did not take away from your talent or beauty! It was so minute that I casted you in my film to play the attractive mistress role! lol! So my advice would be to do what you feel most comfortable with but from my perspective the scar adds more character and isn’t so pronounced that it takes away from your overall beauty! Best to you Demi!

  4. I think you should do what YOU want to do. I would, if it was something I (super caps I) wanted to change and had an issue or insecurity about. But honestly, your nose is fully functional, pretty much, and you’re still gorgeous… so, it’s up to you. But people will still be in awe of your beauty either way 🙂

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