How I Decided On Stage Name ‘Demi Lobo’

When I first started in the industry in 2009, I was transferring from EIU to Columbia College.  I had just gotten my radio show in Chicago on WCRX-FM on the campus of Columbia College. This was a super big deal to me.  So it only made sense to have a really cool “radio name” you know.  Some kind of Radio Mami, or Rookie of Radio, I played around with all kinds of names.

One day I called my mom to see if she could brainstorm with me on Radio taglines, for my show next week.  It was like as if all of my time spent deciding on names was pointless.  Once my mom finished listening to my rant, and I went down my list of top favorites.  She simply said, “I have the name!!!”  You have no idea how excited I was, because this was my mom’s forte, she is great at me throwing her options, and suggestions, and my thoughts, and she would hop in with THE idea.

So as I waited on the edge of my seat for my new radio show name, she said ‘You’re going to go with your REAL name.”  Major side eye.  You mean to tell me I waited all this time, for you tel me my new radio name and you say that? There was no Facbeook or Instagram at the time but I was on the way to changing my Myspace name and status!!  I was totally on my way to being the hottest college radio personality, so I need a hot name, and I was so let down.  Well let me go back, my real name is “Demi Lobo.” You knew that already right?  Well I thought my last name Lobo was so weird, like who’s last name is Lobo??  But I do so many things, my mom who is also my manager thought it would not be good on the branding side to have multiple names just one.

Turns out she was so right.  Mom gave me a superstar name, and Demi Lobo happens to work!



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