How The Movie “Chef” Motivated Me To Do Everything BUT Cook

Today I saw the movie “Chef,” it was a really great movie.  You know what I really liked? I liked the fact that (spolier alert) it wasn’t a tear jerker.  Sometimes I just want to see a solid film, and not have to mess up my eyeliner to do so.  I saw very little of the trailer before I saw the movie, but I just had a feeling that it would be good.

Now the movie was about a Chef, and though it was some pretty tasty looking food, it didn’t really inspire me to go and make magic in the kitchen.  It did however motivate me in many other ways.

(Another potential spoiler) the film is heavily based on social media, and transforms a guy who has no idea what “a twitter” is into him Twitter beefing with a well know food critic.  Though I keep my social media pages pretty clean from Twitter beefs, it really showed the importance of feeling something, and keeping it to your self versus wearing your heart on your sleeves, and feeling like you have to have the last word.

I also was very inspired because the Chef loses everything after this twitter beef goes viral.  While people in our day and age would totally take advantage of some of the opportunities thrown his way like a Reality Show.  He declined the offers and stuck to his plan which was to be happy as a Chef.  He was working under a boss who did not believe in his vision, which is detrimental to your future and stress level.  In this very dark place, after he lost everything, he was shown rebuilding his empire, and working for himself as an entrepreneur.

For me, it was inspiring to see how happy it can be to work for yourself, and how rewarding it was to follow your dreams.  I don’t want to be a cook, but I am motivated in so many other ways.

Check out the trailer below:


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