Confession: I Almost Got Fired From My WGCI Internship!

Demi Lobo wgci tank event

In 2009 as I was transferring from Eastern Illinois University to Columbia College Chicago.  I was on the radio at Eastern 5 days a week, and I wanted to be on the air in Chicago.  I thought it would be much easier than it was.  When arrived on campus, I had my plan TO-gether, and it went as followsL I was going to get a job on air at WCRX on Columbia’s campus, then I was going to be an intern on WGCI.

I am happy to say that after one semester at CCC, I had gotten both of my goals accomplished.  But once I started as an intern, that was my real key to getting in the door and I had to nail it.  Once I got in, I was on cruise control, I was not only nailing it, I was working it, I was killing it.  I made sure everyone on every floor of those Clearchannel offices knew my name.

The one thing I have always suffered with, is I have always had more than one dream.  I have always wanted to be a radio personality, but I have also had dreams of being a actress in film, my music career was very important to me at the time etc. etc.  So it was conflicting because I was in school, working on my self, and my internship work, and working on my audition tape to hopefully get a job one day, and making sure everyone knew Demi Lobo.  It kind of backfired on me, I started slacking on my main job which was to work under the mid-day personality.  But I was giving everything else but that job 100%.  SO the mid-day jock actually FIRED ME!

Yes, I got fired…. from my unpaid internship, how does that happen?  She told me that though this was an unpaid job, I was making it too obvious that I had spread myself too thin.  Great thing is I had made so many great relationships on the floor, that I was given another assignment, but that was a close call.

What did I learn? I learned that yes it is great to have multiple relationships, yes it is okay to want to get to the next level, and have multiple dreams.  But no it is not okay to be a jack of all trades, but not master one thing.  Had I given my main job 100% and everything else around me as much as I could have, that would have been great.  But instead I slacked on the main job, and once I was given a second chance, I ROCKED it!


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