My Latest Projects!!!!! Cool Stuff :-)


The last few months have been the most terrifying and rewarding of the year for me. Between an emergency surgery (which is another blog post in its own) going through recovery, blah it has set me back a bit, but I am thriving in my career right now, more than EVER and I owe it all to God.

The entertainment industry is a tough industry and it takes a very long time to feel like you have finally reached the point of success you’ve always imagined in this industry.

Though I am nowhere near that point a lot of great things are happening right now and I would just like to share:

I have an ongoing endorsement with Cutex Brands (Nail Polish Remover) and you can hear the spots on WGCI weekly. I just locked in a new deal with Ananda High-In Jewelry on Michigan in lovely Downtown Chicago to provide me with their accessories for all of my upcoming events. I am an entrepreneur and I have a blossoming cosmetic company and along with one of my good friends who is an entrepreneur and owner of, we will be doing our SHEpreneur women’s workshop for entrepreneurs next month in Chicago.

Starting this Saturday I will be hosting a new day party at Nouveau Tavern in Chicago, after I get off of the air on WGCI on Saturdays. I just confirmed a really big show where I will be hosting an event featuring a huge rapper at one of the top colleges in Illinois!!!! (Can’t disclose all details yet.)  And besides the fact that I am a movie buff, acting fro film is a dream of mine, and I will be working on the production team for my very first  feature film “72” can you say excite!!!!

While all of that is going on we are working on my foundation (Demi Lobo 4 Dreamz) sixth annual event for kids under the age of 12!

Ready to work! Keep pushing for your dreams guys! 🙂


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