5 Things I Do On My Phone While In The Bathroom

bathroom phone
Okay this may sound kind of weird or not sanitary to bring your phone to the bathroom.  But I would be lying if I told you I didn’t get some of my BEST ideas in the bathroom.  And I’m not talking about on the toilet, just doing anything in the bathroom (shower, brushing my teeth, doing my makeup, doing my hair.)  I have come up with some great ideas with that door closed, just me, yea it goes down.

You have to bring your phone with you while on the toilet especially.  If it sounds gross wash your hands before and after whatever you need to do.  The worst thing ever would be to get a great idea, or think of something you needed to do right, but then you have to leave your safe haven, to return to the regular world to go get your phone, come back, it just kills the vibe.  If you bring your phone in, just in case, no worries.  Think about it, it’s just you, peace and quiet no one SHOULD be able to interrupt that little “Me” time.  So here’s some really great things I get done with my phone in the bathroom.

Scroll My Social Networks: Of course, the first thing to do is scroll through my timelines, and see what’s the latest with all of my frenemies, family, and friends, chances are someone has posted an inspirational quote I needed that day or say something to motivational.  This is why you have to follow the right people online.  If there is no one that uplifts you or makes you laugh, it is time to unfollow, and re follow some new people! My followers post good stuff that lead me to another page, that leads me to another page, then before you know it I am scrolling for hours.

Take selfies:  So, I don’t know about your bathroom, but my bathroom has some really good lighting.  It’s almost like vanity lighting, very bright, and the key to a perfect selfie, is definitely the lighting.  When that good lighting hits you?? It will take your picture to the NEXT level.  It is a process though.  I have to stand on the toilet seat, and let the light hit perfectly, get the angle right…. POSE AND SNAP!  Who needs a photo shoot, when you have great bathroom lighting?

Search Celebrity Gossip: This is very important, since I am a radio personality, and I blog everyday on LoboLatest.com, I have to know the latest with everything pop culture.  So searching for celebrity gossip happens not just in the shower, it is more of an everyday thing, all day.  So every down town moment, I am on the internet searching for story ideas.

Sing In The Shower To My Favorite Songs: Almost everyone in the world sings in the shower.  But me? Instead of singing acapella, create a shower playlist of your favorite songs, an sing along!

Search Makeup tutorial videos:  I frequently am booked to speak, or host events, and when you do as many events as do I, you have to  be well put together.  This includes hair, makeup, outfit everything,  With that being said, I do my makeup myself unless I am doing a photoshoot etc.  I never know what look I am going for when I start, it just turns into something as I start playing with colors.  Sometimes I have an idea, but I need an expert at makeup to give me inspiration, and ideas how to perfect the look.  The magic is created in the bathroom with that great lighting! You may or may not know this, but i have a cosmetics company TheLipStation.com, check it out!

I mayyyyy send a few texts while in there too! So before you entire your save haven, remember to bring your phone!!!



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