12 Things You MUST Change In Your 20s

1. You have to stop trying to live up to your families expectations of who you were in High school.  Yes, your parents may have always had plans of you going down their path by graduating from the same school, joining the same organization, getting the same job. But it’s time for you to stand up to them and tell them you have your own passions!  It is time to be your own person, and create your own path for your future.

2. Trying to be as thin as celebrities you see on Television.  The scary part is that what you see on TV is not accurate.  The TV adds another 10-15 pounds, so if you are trying to be as thin as what you see on TV, it’s a false reality.  Plus it is so unhealthy abusing your body with crash diets, and shakes, make sure you get a trainer, and eat a well balanced diet!

3. Still trying to live up to YOUR expectations of what you said you would be doing by the time you were 25.  Face it, we all told our parents that we wanted to be a doctor when we grow up.  But you fell into a career that you really love, and loving what you do is much more important.  The worse thing in the world going to a job everyday, and hating it.  Create a new version of what success looks like.

4. LOOKING for a relationship, and hoping that once you get one it is going to change your life.  Relationships work best when two people are already happy with themselves.  That way both parties can help build each other for a healthy relationship.  Two incomplete people trying to force themselves to be positive for the other, is an uphill challenge.  The reality of the situation is that you may get hurt, you have to take the blows as they come and move on.

5. Being mad at yourself, that it took you longer to finish College than you thought.  Maybe you transferred schools, maybe you changed your major, maybe you had to take time off.  Whatever the case my be, at least you thought to further your education, even if you didn’t finish set a date to finish some time in the future, and live your life!

6. Update your resume.   If you haven’t landed your dream job, it may be because of what’s on your resume.  Though everyone says it is not what you know, but who you know.  That is not always the case, it can simply be a matter of skill and experience if you juuuust remove your high school volunteer experience that has no relevance for the new job you’re trying to get.

7. Drop the grudges you had in elementary and high school.  Life is just too short, and it would be a disaster for something to happen to a childhood friend. Especially over something that happened 5 years ago during recess.

8. Feeling less than because you have to live at home with your parents. With the economy in the toilet – many celebrities like Maria Menous are still living at home.  Look at the bright side, you get to save some money, and wait until it’s the right time, and spend some quality time with your family.  If it’s ok with mom and dad, who cares what everyone else thinks!

9. Stop placing blame on others for how they treat you; interaction is a two way street.  And the age old cliche’ Treat People The Way You Want To Be Treated is extremely valid.  It is not your fault that you were born different from everyone else in your family.  It is not your fault that you were born different from all of your friends.  You have to train people how to treat you.

10. Doing just enough to get by, procrastination and cramming only worked the day before tests.  When you have to get in a report for your job, or take care of your student loans, stay on top of it, because this is real life now.  We are adults and we don’t have our grammar school teachers to baby us and give progress reports to make sure it gets done.   Besides Sally Mae will find you!

11. Letting the same people push your buttons.  You know those people who have known you most of your life, they know exactly how to get a negative response out of you.  They will do exactly that, switch it up on them, and start letting things go in one ear, and right out the other. Sometimes you just have to shed some skin and that’s ok to do.

12. Seeking approval.  Chances are, you’re seeking approval from those who don’t deserve your energy anyway. This is your life,  Make your decisions and stand by them.

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