My Prom Travesty: I Didn’t Have A Dress The Day Of Prom!!!

Prom night it is the EPITOME of a girls High School experience.  I mean it is  second, on the importance meter after graduation.  I was so exited for prom.  My friends and I had been drawing sketches for our dresses for months, and the time had finally come for us to find a way to put our ideas to a sewing machine.   I was on the hunt to find the most incredible seamstress in Chicago, because my dress had to be the BEST for the big day.  I wanted hand glued swarovski crystals to be in four rows going down my back, it had to be swarovski, because they just shine and shimmer so beautifully, and I wanted the prettiest silk material ever, I was going to Oscar red carpet clearly right?

But first things first, I had to find the fabric.  Of course I was over the top and no fabric store mysteriously had the fabric I wanted.  So I ended up ordering this silk charmeuse fabric from California,  in this gorgeous green color.  It cost me $300!!!  Then I sent the material to my seamstress, who said was able to do anything.  At this point I have two weeks to get my dress made, but I had faith it would get done.  All of my other friends had gotten their dresses done in two days by the same lady with no troubles, so I didn’t think that sewing a dress would be a big deal.  Little did I know this materiel was very fine and not east to sew on.  The seamstress finally gave up trying to pretend she was making my dress happen, and after calling her for an entoer week with no response, she returned my call, and material back to me with not one stitch!!!

Now I have one week to get a dress done, and I am freaking   I got super lucky and the seamstress that was sewing all of my friends dresses said she would take on my dress literally 4 days before prom.   I finally feel some kind of hope now, this lady has sewn dresses in two days, but not on silk material.  Well it came down to the day before prom and she also was struggling with this very fine fabric, but never told me.  So after school, I decided to stay at her house all night to see what we could get done on this dress, because now prom is the NEXT day and I have a prom date with a matching tie to some $300 material, still with no stitches.

My mother and I slept at the seamstresses house and glued 250 swarovski crystals on the straps of the dress to help speed things along.  If only I could glued my dress!!!  Sadly I woke up in the morning, STILL dress-less.  I was devastated.   For the first time I even cursed on the phone with my mom.  She totally let me get away with it because she understood that I have waited for this day my entire high school career.  I feel like prom was on a Saturday, and by noon the day of prom, she told me she still hadn’t figured out anything to do with the fabric, she would have needed more time,  and she would be giving me my expensive material back, and my deposit.   Here I had two problems, I had no dress, the day of prom, and I still needed a dress, the day or prom.  So we went on a man hunt for a great dress that even sort of matched my dates tie.  It became less about a great dress, and more about matching date!  Little do you know, we found a dress the EXACT material, and the EXACT color, it was fate, and it fit perfectly.    It was at a bridal store and this dress was so expensive, so I ended up calling my aunts, godmother, and other family to tell them of my travesty and how I needed their help, monetarily!  We worked it out and the in-house seamstress at the store had to make a few alterations to the size, and added my strap of crystals just so I felt like the dress something I envisioned 5 months months ago when I started drawing up my idea.

By the time Prom came I was ready to go!  No one knew of the horrific night I had before, or the day of, but it didn’t matter.  We had a stretch Escalade waiting and prom was the

Moral of the story is, if you HAVE to have a custom dress, get a head start on the sewing months in advance.  Prom dresses are getting more and more elaborate so seamstresses are working on 12 dresses a week some prom seasons.  You want to make sure that if you are a diva like me that you get a head start so your dream dress can come to life.  BUT I do recommend going into a store and finding a dress that is semi what you’re looking for and get it altered.

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