Movie Review: “The Other Woman”

So I saw the new comedy “The Other Woman” the other day.  In short it was HILARIOUS!! Besides the fact that I love mostly all movies, and my faavvvvvvvvvvorite Nicki Minaj is in it, I was in movie heaven.  But when it comes down to actresses, Cameron Diaz is one of my favs and she delivers the funny effortlessly.

This film wouldn’t necessesarily be classified in my book as  a Romantic Comedy, more of a Revenge comedy as Cameron Diaz,  Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton are all victims of a cheating guy, who is Leslie Mann’s characters husband.   The ladies team up and seek revenge, and become friends in the process.  Leslie Mann has always nailed dry humor/ sarcastic roles, but she takes it to another level in this movie., and fully commits to the character. Which is a wacky, out of the loop wife, who is totally oblivious that her husband put multiple out of the country businesses in her name and has been lying to her about he personal endeavors.

Cameron Diaz, is solid all the way through as the leader of the revenge team and has not aged one bit.  Though Nicki Minaj has a relatively small role, she does a great job, as the office assistant, and her looks are fab!

The Other Woman  is in select theatres starting tonight.

Check out the trailer below:


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