5 Things Chicago People Will Love About Los Angeles

So I was on a trip for a week in Los Angeles last week, and being from Chicago, though I am totally in love with LA, there were a few weird things I found out about the city while there:

Meters: this technically doesn’t count but it took me 3 times avoiding the meters to find out it DOES take credit card. Silly me lol But they look like the old meters in Chicago that only took coins.  But the meters are extremely cheap! Like extremely.  I parked one time for almost an hour and it was something like .75 cents.  In Chicago you’re starting at $2.00 an hour and where I work it is $6.50 an hour.

No Turn On Red: I saw no signs that said “No Turn On Red” though this might sound not a big deal, it was sweet to pull up to a light on numerous occasions, unless I was on the wrong streets. And I could turn when I felt like it!  You know how annoying it is waiting for it to be after 7:00pm to turn on red.

The California Stop: it really exists!!! In Chicago we do our own form of the California “roll and stop” where you barely stop at a sign? It has nothing on a Cali roll and stop in California! Everyone is driving so fast that it’s probably too hard to stop, and it’s like Stop Sign Who?

All shopping bags cost: this was really weird to me, but I loved it! I went to a few grocery stores and I know LA is all about saving the earth etc. But everywhere I looked shoppers had cloth shopping bags. I was like there has to be SOMEONE here who in normal and will take plastic bags. It wasn’t until I saw another 5-10 people with cloth bags that I decided to ask the store manager: “why does everybody have shopping bags?” He then told me that all grocery stores charge for their plastic bags. Now there are a few stores in Chicago that do this but keyword is “a few”.

Most houses don’t have basements: Now this could be not true or maybe just the location I was in. But the houses don’t have basements! Weird. But again I like it!

A few other nominal things that fascinated me was that most drivers who are from LA, don’t use turning signals either, and I very rarely saw cops, whereas in Chicago they are everywhere!


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