8 Things To Consider When Pursuing Your Dreams

I’m currently on the road, and I’m in LA right now. It’s something about being in another city that gives me peace of mind, and I’m super creative.

But anyway I was doing some reading and I just HAD to pass this along to all of those in pursuit of your dreams. You are not alone!

8 Things You MUST Consider While Pursuing Your Dreams:

1.) Your Big Dream will always seem overwhelming at first.

2.) Ultimately, a Big Dream is aimed at meeting a Big Need in the world.

3.) While you still have breath, it’s never too late to act on your Dream!

4.) From birth, you have been uniquely prepared and motivated for your purpose.

5.) No one has a dream EXACTLY like yours.

6.) Though you’ve been working toward your dream, and you haven’t gotten the results you wanted. It’s possible you have been pursuing your dream in the wrong way.

7.) Your Big Dream is not dead, as long as there is a big need.

In Closing: Your Dream is yours to act on. God is waiting for you to value His gift of your Dream enough to live it. He will not force you to choose. Nor will he “make it happen” for you. You must choose. You must act. Paul’s amazingly productive life was shaped by a single, driving commitment—to “lay hold” of that for which God had laid hold of him.

Your Big Dream is what God has laid hold of you to do.

And fortunately, it’s never too late to act on your Dream!

Now this will sound awful but very rarely do I read a book from cover to cover but, I am really enjoying this one. I hope it motivated someone get off your rear!! And go chase after your dreams!!!


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