My Toughest Celebrity Interview!!!

I have interviewed tons of celebrities, but today I believe I had my hardest interview to date.  When I get notified that I will be interviewing a celeb, I start my research process of going through pages and pages and pages on the net to get talking points.  I then write down the talking points, whether they are background info, upcoming  projects, drama, gossip, and so on.

Yesterday I had two solid interviews with Laz Alonzo and Kym Whitley. Today, I interviewed THE Lisa Raye, Hollywood actress, and entrepreneur.  She is from my city Chicago, and the city absolutely LOVES her.  When I discovered I would be interviewing her I had no nerves what so ever, I had my questions and talking points with me and ready to make magic.  If you’ve checked out my Celeb Interviews page, I have interviewed some big name celebrities, but something about this interview was different.  Ms Lisa Raye prides herself on being our girl right from Chicago, and we can just chat with her.  We did just exactly that.

This is where I had to eat my humble pie: when she comes in, in her all white ( that she loves) I addressed her as “Lisa” not knowing she wants to be addressed as  “Lisa Raye” all one name.  Don’t say the Lisa without the Raye.  Not a second after I said “Lisa,” she told me and the crowd of 300 that, I had made my first mistake and corrected me.  I was so embarrassed.  I felt like I had done so much research, but failed because I didn’t know that. How didn’t I know that, ugh! But I had two choices…. either I could get defeated or laugh it off and keep going.  You know I laughed it off, jokingly commented on my mistake and got to the next question.   We did talk about some good stuff once we got that out of the way.

But it really goes to show you that even though you do all the research in the world, prepare, prepare, prepare, there will be things you don’t know.  There will be unforeseen things your preparation is not ready for.  If celeb interviews is what you really want to do, knowing how to follow up, get out of awkward situations, and keep the interview flowing will be your main points. As a professional you have to be ready to roll with the punches and still complete the mission.

Thanks for the experience Lisa Raye lolz


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