How I Use Instagram To Market Myself

I love love love, my social media platforms, and clearly they love me back because we have made a lot of power moves together!  When I first began promoting myself via social media, I came up with what I wanted people who find out from me, from going onto my pages.  On Facebook; I never told TOO much of my business, Twitter; very random/funny thoughts, Instagram; mixture of inspirational, business, and beauty posts, Youtube; episodes, original music and interviews.   The one thing that is consistent with all is that there is no profanity, I want a clean profile, so if a possible employer, or investor were to come on my page randomly, my pages were all clean, clear and ready to go!

Though I love posting my last hair style, or encouraging my followers to purchase from my lipstick line  I make a lot of business connections from my Instagram, here’s how:

Hashtags:  All pictures require hashtags!  The importance of hashtags are not just for you, it is for the people you are trying to reach.  I always try and use #DemiLobo so when people search it they can see what I have been doing.  But for example #RadioPersonality can be used when I am on the air and that way other Radio Personalities can know about me!  A better example is if I put #ChicagoBeauty so when people are looking for events or people related to Beauty in Chicago, BOOM they will find me! In return they end up shopping and everyone is a happy camper.

Update Page Frequently: In order to keep your followers engaged, you HAVE to update your page frequently.  Not saying that you have to post 16 million posts a day (because that’s annoying) but you do want to stay in the minds of the people that follow you.  If they are not stalking you and going to your page daily, they will only see your posts… when you post.  So stay on the radar, and post your new accomplishments, you never know who’s watching!

Follow People In My Field: Though everyone is not apart of #TeamFollowBack, it is always great to follow people in your industry.   I have a few Instagram pages for different reasons, and all of the ones other than my regular @DemiLobo page I do not follow friends, only industry professionals.  So, for example for @LoboLatest, I follow celebrities, other gossip blogs, and credible news sources to get breaking news!  I don’t need to see what my cousin is doing while logged into this page.

Connect With Other Social Media Platforms: Make sure you connect your Instagram to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pintrest EVERYTHING! You are trying to build your following, so let all of your platforms know that you have THE Instagram page, that needs to be followed.  If a person isn’t following you on insta, but the picture posts to your Facebook page, they can like it right from Facebook, and BOOM, you still get the Instagram like! Double wamy!

Comment On Others’ Posts & Follow People Back:  I know I know, you want your  list of people you are following to be less than the people you follow.  But you have to follow people back, the right people.  Social Media is not person to person contact, so a lot of the times all you have is the support you get from someone online.  You following a person back could make the difference in them voting for you on your campaign, buying your new song, or purchasing your new. You scratch my back, I scratch yours!




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