My Favorite Things About Chicago

The weather this summer has been pretty crazy, it’s still not spring, and we are struggling to get the violence under control,  but Chicago has a lot to offer!   Here is my list of some of the really great things about my city, Chicago:

Downtown: Ok I have traveled to a lot of places, and there is no other city that has a downtown like ours.  And I am not talking about the skyline, although it’s beautiful the actual downtown is bomb.   You can just go downtown with no plans, and end up spending the entire day, because there is so much to do!  From shopping, sightseeing, and food our downtown is untouchable.

ICON Movie Theater: My favorite movie theater is downtown the ICON theater!!! I love the movies any day of the week, BUT I love going to Roosevelt and going to ICON getting a drink or food before the movie upstairs.  Then if you are 21 or over, take your movie experience to the next level with VIP movies that over look the regular seats and you can take your food and drinks into the movie YES!  A movie is not complete without popcorn, and even though it’s fattening, they have real butter for the popcorn, just incredible!

Pizza: Chicago has some great pizza!!! Growing up I always thought that my favorite pizza was Beggars it has this pretty tasty seasoning.  BUT it wasn’t until I was on the south side and got this greasy, extremely wonderful pizza from this place called ‘Italian Fiesta.’ Now that right there, is gooooooood pizza!  If you ask around most people will say Giordano’s has the best deep dish, BUT nooooooo, my favorite deep dish is  Lou Malnati Pizza, with this yummy butter crust? yummmmm

Millennium Park:  Although Millennium Park seems fairly a simple, there are very cool parts of it’s complexity.  It is in the heart of downtown, and has an interactive fountain with faces on the side, and water shoots down from it into the pool.  I remember when the bean came to town it was the coolest thing ever, now when we see tourists it’s just blah, but taking pictures inside of the bean!   In the summer, some of your favorite artists perform in Millennium Park and ice skating!

Navy Pier:  Navy Pier is definitely a Chicago hot spot in the summer.  You can go and take a boat trips in the lake, if you like ferris wheels, we have a HUGE one that overlooks the city.  Of course being a movie addict, I love going to check out IMAX movies on the HUGE 6 foot tall screen.  There are tons of food options at the Pier and cometimes just walking down the Pier if weather permits would be a great way to end your night!

Transportation: Now I am not a public transportation kinda gal. BUT I do know that when I need it, it is there.  You can literally go all over the city on public transportation. Similar to New York where there are trains everywhere to travel across town.

TV Production Studios: Actresses have been getting so much work in the last few years in Chicago.  The even better thing is, you don’t have to be in union to get a role in some of the biggest shows have been taping here lately and actors have been able to add movie and TV credits to their resume.  Some projects we have access to be on are: Crisis, Batman, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Transformers, Mind Games, Divergent,



One thought on “My Favorite Things About Chicago

  1. Love this! I am from just south of London and am going to Chicago for 3 months over summer so am very interested to see what Chicago has to offer.

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