How I Like To Toss my Salad

As a vegetarian of three years, it is sometimes hard to  find a decent meal, when you are out to eat.  The survival for all on-the-go vegetarians is know how to make an enjoyable salad, when in doubt all restaurants have salads.  The second option is always making your own food.

So when I make my salads at home, they are I hook them uppppp.  But I am super picky when it comes to my food.  Starting with lettuce, it HAS to be romaine, and chopped, and if it is not, I will cut my lettuce into as many small pieces as I can.  Now even though it is one of the last things I add, it is the second most important element to my salad, is the nuts.  I LOVE nuts (mind out the gutter) lol.  But I really do, when I get a salad from Pot Belly I love their nuts.  Candied Walnuts or Pecans are the best, and can be bought at the grocery store.

The next really important thing to my salad, is the dressing.  It must be a clear dressing, no more Caesar, blue cheese, or ranch dressings.  I was randomly at the grocery store and tried “Zesty Italian.’  Not just Italian, ZESTY, and it… was… to… die… FOR.  Like the zest literally changes the game for Italian dressing.  I am not a huge fan of vinaigrette dressings although I used to really love balsamic vinaigrette.  But I was at Bubba Gump shrimp the other day, ordered a salad, and the raspberry vinaigrette was  amazing.

I love croutons, even though they can be carbsy, but this new thing I add to my salad is 4 Doritos.  Yes the chip!  I mean i eat salads all the time it was cool to add something new, the Spicy Nacho I think?  It’s like adding tortilla chips, just spicy! yummerzzzz.

Now THAT my friend is how to toss your salad hehe.


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