Size DOESN’T Matter! I Only Care About The Inches

Ladies, we have to stop worrying about the size.  Because when it boils down to what makes you feel good on the inside??? It’s really about the inches! YES!  Here you are fretting about how wide it looks in the mirror, how it’s more wider than everyone else’s, how you are going to need to go on a diet just to make it get smaller!!!

I mean for yearssssss, I’ve been concerned about how big it is, and questioned “Why won’t it just get smaller” so you can function and take great pictures right?  Because smaller makes you feel SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better.

Well ladies, I am here to tell you, we must stop worrying about how big it is, because it is the inches that make you feel best.  Something about when the inches are smaller? WHEW! It is life changing, I mean it’ll make you want to shout.

So hear it from me, worry more about the inches, not the size.

Oh and just in case you where wondering, I’m talking about your body!!!! You weren’t thinking I was talking about…. o geesh!


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