How Being Plugged Helped Me Get My WGCI Internship

Being an intern is SO vital to your success in your industry.  And just like everything else you do “You Get In Return, What You Put In It.”  My situation was interesting simply because of my dedication to any and everything I do.  I had a point to prove, I had a mission, I saw the finish line, before I started.

I was at Eastern Illinois University, and I was yearning for a new environment, with competitive competition.  So I transferred to Columbia College Chicago and started working on my Radio degree.  At EIU I was the epitome of Popular, do you hear me?  I mean everyone knew everyone to a certain extent, it was a fairly small campus and the ratio of African Americans was 1/3 of the population.  SO even though I wanted to go to Columbia College and be around other people with the same drive as me, in the back of my head, I was so nervous that I would go from being “Big Fish/Small Pond” to “Big Pond/Small Fish.”  And that did not excite me.

But anyway, once I got to Columbia, I had already had my plan mapped out.  I was going to start my first semester on the school radio station WCRX-FM and simultaneously intern at WGCI.  Since I was a superstar Radio Personality on WEIU, Columbia was going to take me on the spot!! But nah! They were like, you have to wait a semester to be on air like everyone else.  Well I don’t do very well with “no” so I said well, I have always wanted to intern at WGCI, with Bionce Fox in the,  midday.  And my uncle knows her, so I just made a call and Bionce was like, “Yes I would love for you to intern with me!”  Can you say…… EXCITED?  So, I was like TAKE THAT Columbia radio station, ha! I am going to be interning under Bionce Foxx!  Well little did I know, I had to get college credit for my internship, so I still had to go through Columbia.  And when I went to tell Columbia,  of how connected I am, and how I  needed them to sign me off so I could get started, on my internship.  They laughed.  Again I had to wait a semester to do anything!

This was awful to me.  I had my plan, I was ready! I had it mapped out!  But, it was really just a test to see if I was going to give up or stay dedicated to the mission.   And after 2 weeks, I got a call from the WCRX Radio station and they had an opening! I… was… ON!!!! literally.

I started my Friday night show,  the next semester it was on the morning show just moving on up!  Then the next semester I started my internship, and the rest is history. So moral of the story was yes, it was a matter of “Who I Knew,” but  knew i knew didn’t matter, it was more a situation of timing, and letting God put me in the right places, when I needed to be there.

Stay motivated, committed to the plan, and enjoy the process.


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