7+ Reasons Columbia College Chicago Was Best Investment In My Career

Columbia College is not your average school.  It is for creatives, with a vision, who are ambitious and open-minded.  I attended traditional college for two years and it was at traditional college that I realized I wanted more from my undergraduate experience.  I was at EIU going to regular classes, on a regular campus, learning in regular books.  Then I took a trip to New York, the air was different, the people were different, the grind was insane.  The people in New York literally never sleep, everyone had 4 businesses and a 9 to 5, it was so cool to me.  But I had to return back to my average college experience which sucked!

Then one day I was in my dorm room and I was so pissed that I was this big fish in a small pond.  I had all of these big ideas, big dreams that I could get nowhere close to from Charleston, IL.  So without telling my mother I applied to Columbia College and within weeks, I was accepted and telling my mother to dust off my room because I would be returning. to Chicago  She would not be okay with me saying anything close to not finishing school, so Columbia was a blessing from God.  I was able to stay in school, pursue my career, and have the time of my life.

1. Degrees In Everything Under the Sun: Soooo you’re saying I can get a degree in Radio? Every day I will learn about Radio? Sign me up!

2. Big Mouth: I will never forget my first show was at the Big Mouth open mic April 16th 2009.  This is where all of the talented Columbia College students perform cover songs, or original songs.  Students from Colleges all over the city come to network and socialize, it’s a big deal!

3. Downtown Chicago: I mean with 18+ buildings all around downtown Chicago, it can be a trek from class to class at times.  But I definitely felt like an adult walking downtown versus across a campus, the scenery is great!

4. Teachers Work In The Field:THIS was a huge selling point for me.  All of my teachers are IN or have worked in the field I want to enter how cool? They were not giving advice on topics they had no clue on.  They were giving incite and advice based on actual experience; what to do, what to expect, and how to get to where you are trying to go.

5. Start Your Major Freshman Year: What I can say about going to traditional college is that they had it structured where I had to take my gen-ed classes first.  At Columbia you can start taking classes on your major right away.  So even though all of my classes didn’t transfer over, I was able to transfer and start taking Radio classes ASAP!

6. Respected/ Connections: When I was an intern at WGCI, obtaining a degree in Radio at a Radio Station? I was SUPER respected just because they took me serious, versus the student that is just here to get pictures with celebrities.  Another perk was I got, studio time for recording, my music video done, casted my singers and background dancers everything I needed right through my peers! Viola!

7. Application Process/Hands On: When I was entering College it was ALL based on my test scores.  Not Columbia, we take interviews, you get tested on the industry to be accepted.  If you are artsy, tests just aren’t were it’s at. Yes we took tests, midterms everything.  But learning at Columbia was more hands on, it was like a 4 year preparation course.  I learned so much from being at Columbia, best decision I have ever made.

Among all the above reasons, Columbia is rated one of the best film schools in the nation, Alums, we are like a fraternity it’s an instant bond when you meet someone else that went to Columbia.  My teachers have connections and have helped me get gigs, as well as understand when I have gigs and take it a little easy on me.

I know it’s expensive, but it was the best expensive risk I have ever made!


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