Samsung Saved My Life! Chromebook 3-Series Review

Sooooo, I’m super sad my Macbook Pro crashed the other day. It was one of those days I KNEW was going to come but I dreaded the day.  I have so many videos, pictures, music like I over worked her.   I am sending it to get fixed, but it can takes weeks, so in the meantime I had to have a laptop. I am an Apple connoisseur and at first I was distraught at the thought of not having a computer for some weeks. But I went to Best Buy to see what they had to offer in the interim, and I was shocked what I found.

There are these little cute Chromebooks that are super slim and cute, and reasonably priced. There is an Acer Chromebook that’s like $200 and I got the Samsung Chromebook that is $250. And I’m going to keep it real, I also love it because it’s similar to my Mac 😦 lol.

But it’s a google computer so all of my email is super easy to get to. They have these extensions where I can update my social media, from the top bar, while I work, google drive, youtube apps make all of the apps I usually use MUCH easier to use.  And I can fit it in my purse, it’s almost the size of my iPad!

So I give this little baby that saved my life a super 5 thumbs up!


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