Clearly All Women In The Gym Are Idiots

I really want to find a gym with only women.   Or a specific time at the gym when it is only only women.  I hate going to the gym in the afternoon for any reason, just because a lot of the people there are hollering at each other, it s more competitive and I just don’t have time.  I come to work, get my life, and leave.

But WHY is it that every guy with one or two pecs wants to tell you how to work the machines or be your trainer? First off there are directions that tell me exactly what I need to do, and what muscles are getting worked out, so I think I can manage.  That just wears me out, like just because I am a woman I don’t know how to work out?

Then the craziest thing ever happened today.  So I am on a machine, and this guy comes up to me and says “can we work out together?”  No, I don’t want to work out together, like he literally interrupted my second rep to ask me if I wanted to alternate with him on the machine.  After my second decline, I suggested he go to the next machine.  He says “Oh I like this machine.”  I was so mad, so basically you wanted my machine?  Why couldn’t you just wait? So rude, but I had to remember why I was there and it was to, hashtag get my life, so I changed machines and did exactly that.

Sidenote: there was a girl in the gym today, fake working out…. in Timbs….. -_-


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