3 Things I HAVE To Take Off Before Bed

I am, not apart of #TeamNoSleep by any means.  Although as of late I have been up uber late blogging.  Anywho, I value my sleep how ever many hours it is.  But in order for me to have a peaceful sleep… there are essentials hunny!  Here are a few things, I just CAN NOT sleep in:

1. Socks: Really? just gross, ew. I do not see how anyone sleeps with socks on. Like I just hate the feeling of my feet being caged in all night.  I feel like if I need something on my feet, just roll the covers over and tuck it under my feet and BOOM! Who needs socks?

2. HEAT: Considering the weather has been up and down, and my house’s heat is based off of the temperature outside. The thermometer has been all over the place.  It is the cold nights that I can deal with,on those nights you can always get an area heater if you need it, to make you warmer.  But when it’s hot, chile it’s just HOT, it’s like nowhere to go, and I end up no having a peaceful sleep.  When I don’t have a peaceful sleep? I am a grouch. Annoying.

3. Makeup: Lastly, now I will say there are times when I forget to take off my face before bed.  You know those nights you are DOG tires driving home, and you didn’t feel like taking off your shoes, let alone makeup?  On those night, I am pretty disappointed with myself in the morning if I forget to take my makeup off.  I mean Demi how hard is it to take a makeup remover pad and just wipe it off?

Night Night!


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