I Got My First Eyebrow Wax!! + My Brow Regimen

Everyone knows, that I Liiiiiiivveeeee for a nasty slaying of my eyebrows. It’s so crazy that I look at some of pictures from literally only four years ago and I could care LESS about having my eyebrows done. NOW? Pa-leeaze I wish I would leave out of the house without my eyebrows done. When I first started doing my own brows, I had no idea what an angle brush was.. nothing.

SO I just walked into the MAC store and told them how I wanted my brows to look at the lady gave me this expensive angle brush and this little glass pot of Fluidline in Dipdown (Above). I thought I was soooooooo complete and ready to give life to the brow gawds.

When I lost my fluidline, I went back to the MAC store and, I was so disappointed when they told me it was seasonal and was not in stock. This is how I became a Sephora lover, because I was forced to go in Sephora to find anything that resembled this mouse for my brows. I had asked other friends what they used and, I just liked the milky look of the gel versus filling them in with a pencil. Plus I am all about simplicity, I didn’t want to have to use multiple products when I am already, always late as is.

So, I discovered my new favziesssss!

Tarte has their ‘EmphasEYES’ collection and I got their mousse which is pretty similar, BUT it comes with the double ended angle brush, so you are good-to-go!!! Oh and btw, I got my first wax, I was use to just plucking but this was actually kinda cool:


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