Confession: I Wear Beauty Supply Store Hair

Ok I admit it! I seriously love wearing weave, like it’s just so much easier to manage you know? But don’t get me wrong, like If I was in the middle of a stand off and I had to prove that I actually have hair under, I could. But I love my weave.

So I have been going through this phase where I want like super blonde hair, but not like Gaga, Nicki Minaj blonde, like I can’t describe it. I just want blonde hair. So I have been dying my extensions like every two weeks to achieve the color,starting with ombre, and I NEVER got it. Anyway I was in the beauty supply store getting just like a new brush, or whatever. And on the wall I saw this color hair that was EXACTLY the color I have been dying to get for months. I stayed in the store like an hour, because I haven’t bought hair in a decade let alone had to get it from the beauty supply. I asked the guy like 65 times, would this hair just last me like 3 days until I get my new install. He insisted “yea yea yea.”

Before you say ‘Demi WTH where you thinking!!!” my thought process is, getting my hair done in a few days anyway, I wanted to try it… can’t be THAT bad. Well it was!!!! Honestly It felt like I had a broom on my head. It felt how women that go natural feel, it was a struggle. I have always had high quality hair, so I had no idea what to even do with not silky 32 inch hair on my head. And of course I already took my previous hair down, so I was stuck!!

When it gets to the point where I am not updating my Instagram??? I know I hate life at that point lol I made it work for the 2 days but it was an awful experience.

Lesson learned! Next time I will keep my high quality extensions IN until it is time for a new install smh.


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