10 Jobs I Had Before Landing WGCI

Every weekend and sometimes during the week if a full timer needs a shift covered, I broadcast on the #1 Station in Chicago for Hip-Hop and R&B.  I graduated from Columbia College Chicago and obtained my degree in Radio.  I was so proud of myself to land a gig before graduating college, but it’s like kissing the frog theory.  I had to have a million and one jobs before I got to be a Radio Personality on WGCI.

So here we go, here are allll of the many jobs I worked before being on air:

1. DemUNIQUE: entrepreneurship has been in my blood since I can remember. My mother has been an entrepreneur all of her life, and taught me everything I know. I started this business in highschool selling custom trucker hats and you had the option to get whatever phrase you wanted on it. That name is hideous, but it was kinda hot back then lol

2. Coldstone Creamery: this was my FIRST real job, and its also my favorite job on earth. There was a new location opening in my neighborhood and I would drive by the store before it opened everyday, asking when they were accepting applications. Finally one day I got an interview, got the job and I went from a crew member to a manager within a year. By Senior year of Highschool, I was helping the  manager open a second location and I was a manager at both locations. This is where I learned “the customer is always right”,how to handle money, and most importantly how to be a boss. Once I went to college I could only work seasonal 😦

3. Underground Station: this was one of my seasonal mall jobs when I came home for summer freshman year. Underground Station is an urban clothing/shoe store, I honestly can say, I was SO happy this job ended.  It wasn’t the job or the management, I got great hours, and I can basically sell anything. It’s just, I hate retail. But I was super appreciative because I got the job through a friend, so it was great not having to interview! Network = Net-worth.

4. Victoria’s Secret: my Least favorite job of all time.  Yes I took yet another retail job, once I transferred from EIU to Columbia.  I mean the store just seemed like it would be so fun, but it was awfulllllll.  I worked like 14 hour shifts, and would be stuck in the Pink room with the lovely underwear rack that had to be “refluffed” and “refolded” every 5 minutes because a slew of young girls would come through and throw underwear everywhere.  Then I hated the “on call” process where I had to call in to see if I had to work… hashtag.. didn’t work for me!

5. Convenience Store: this wasn’t just any store, it was an on campus job @ EIU. I was working the store near the cafeteria. I eventually got fired because I started working a new job and wasn’t available to ever come in.

6. WEIU- Radio/TV: this is the job I started and the reason I had to leave the convenience store. This is when I really started to love media. I was working at the EIU radio station WEIU, and also working cameras for the basketball and football games, AND  also the floor manager for WEIU-TV’s nightly news show.

7 .WGCI (Intern) Intern: once I transferred to Columbia College Chicago, I got right to business while pursuing my degree in Radio. I started working as an intern working during middays. I had no idea what humility was at the time and I felt because I was Demi Lobo, I was important also.  So I was fired and began working in the program department.  (technically I wasn’t fired, just relocated).  It was actually a blessing in disguise because I was able to work in every department at the station and learn EVERYTHING radio.

8. V-103 radio ATL: I got this internship after my WGCI internship was over I wanted a change of scenery.  I worked under Ryan Cameron on the afternoon drive. I didn’t love ATL at the time, but I love it now.

9. Coldstone Atlanta: – once I moved to Atlanta to intern @ V103, I needed a way to make some extra coins, so I literally walked into the Coldstone  in Atlantic Station, and told the manager how I can do this job with my eyes closed and I NEEDED this job. (I told not a soul, about this) lol, but I was mixing on the Stone in no no time!

10. Exposure Restaurant: this job was super random.  My mom’s friend who owned a Restaurant in Downtown Chicago needed an assistant, and though I make a great assistant, because I am detail oriented, lawd was it a lot of wor!

NOW: I’m a radio personality on the #1 radio station hip hop and R&b 107.5 WGCI-FM Chicago, I’m an actress currently on a touring play “The Black Social Network” we debuted in NYC, and will make stops in Houston, Detroit, Atlanta, and Chicago. I am an event host, and entrepreneur (The Lip Station.)

Mama I made it!


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